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My purchase of a pack or subscription is not working 

First thing to try is to go the Purchase page again in the app and then choose the restore purchases button, this asks the app store again about any purchases and should unlock everything for you, if that does not work please get in touch so we sort things out for you.

How do I redisplay the tutorial when I first opened the app?

Go to the More tab (the last one) and it’s listed as ‘Redisplay first time help’

Why do some ingredients have a black dot instead of a tick box ?

These items have no macro nutrient value and are such common household ingredients (in this case water!!) that they don’t need adding to your shopping list either.

Can I integrate & sync my data with other apps like MyfitnessPal ?

We would love to integrate with MyfitnessPal directly but unfortunately their app doesn’t allow this at present. We do fully integrate with Apple Health & Google Fit.

How do I cancel my subscription ?

Go to the purchase page in the app and choose the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ button, it will take you to the relevant place.

Why am I seeing adverts?

We really don’t like adverts either, but we included them so we could bring you the app for free with a collection of entirely free recipes. If you really dislike the adverts you may have noticed that any recipe pack purchase or any subscription purchase will remove them – all for less cost than a cup of coffee !

It says my device is not compatible so I can’t install the app

The app on Android requires any device running Android 4.4 or newer.

On iPhone/iPad you need to be running at least iOS10 and one of their devices released from November 2013 onwards which are the iPhone 5S or newer, the iPad Air or newer or the iPad Mini 2 or newer

Does the app have a meal planner

At the moment you can add recipes to your shopping list that can be viewed as individual recipes or combined. We do have plans for a meal planner to help schedule your week and it’s right at the top of the list of features to add.

I am on a BodyCoach plan can I enter my ingredient/pick and mix list and have all the recipes alter for me?

Sorry this is not possible, you can edit the ingredients on a per recipe basis. As going forward a majority of the new recipes will be general lean recipes so adding such a feature does not make sense.

Tutorial Videos

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How To Use The Search Features :

How To Use Favourites :

How To Use The Shopping List Feature :

How To Use Edit Ingredients Feature :

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