About Me

Hi, I’m Nella and I’m the founder and home cook behind The Lean Cook website and recipe app.

The Lean Cook ™, recipes for a leaner life contains recipes from my original popular mydietburble blog & my new ‘The Lean Cook’ blog.

I’ve always loved to cook and could be found in the kitchen from a very young age. I’m from an Italian family and food is almost sacred to us with many family occasions taking place around the dining table. It’s hard not to love food!

After my children were born in 2015 I decided that it was about time that I started to look after my body as it delivered 2 healthy baby boys even though I was in my forties. It took me a while to decide how exactly I was going to make good on this promise but I was adamant that whatever I was going to do would have to involve eating real food if I was to stand a chance of sticking with it.

After lots of research I started the 90 Day SSS plan by The Body Coach in July 2016 and this re-ignited my love for cooking. I could see that I could take dishes that I’ve been making for years and make lean versions while I was following the plan, getting fitter and losing fat. Having a young family at my age I felt it was important to change my lifestyle, to eat better, start exercising but still eating real food. I started blogging and sharing my recipes, mainly so that I could make them again, but the feedback and compliments I started getting from others making my recipes was amazing and to be honest I’ve not looked back since.

In 2019 I qualified as an MNU Certified Nutritionist and I’ve gone on to help many others reach their personal goals in a sustainable way with real food.

About The Lean Cook Recipe App

When I started recipe sharing I posted them to my website and shared the details to social media. I had so many DMs asking me to write a book but I wanted to go one better. With the help of my husband who is a software demi-god we created The Lean Cook recipe app.

With the recipes in an app, we’ve made it possible for you to tailor a recipe to your own calorie goal, either manually or at the touch of a button (subscription required). NO OTHER APP does this. You can create favourite recipe lists, add entire recipes or specific ingredients to a shopping list as well as scaling up the recipes for multiple portions if you are batch cooking.

The app is filled with lean versions of everyday dishes that you love. They maybe lean, but they’re still packed packed with the flavours that you know, simple to make and great for all the family. You can tailor the spice levels to suit you and you’ll soon see that eating lean recipes doesn’t mean you miss out on tasty food. There’s a whole section of ‘Fakeaway’ dishes that will amaze you!

I’m not a professional cook and the recipes are dishes that I’ve made as I continue my journey to a leaner life. Each recipe in the app is something that I’ve made for myself and my family, the photography may show steam rising from the food but that’s because I make every recipe and photograph it before I sit down with my family to eat it (normally cold).

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