UNTLD Alcohol Free Lager Review

UNTLD Alcohol Free Lager Review

As we head into 2021 I am trying out a selection of new low/alcohol free beers and sparkling wines kindly provided Good Stuff Drinks (https://goodstuffdrinks.com/) [1]

UNLTD. [1] is an Award winning Alcohol-Free , Low Calorie & Vegan beer that is an amazingly low 23 calories per bottle!

It is a pleasant tasting larger that is not overly gasy and with slight citrus notes and pours to a cloudy colour (as shown in pictures below) and has more of bitter taste and appearance than the lager mentioned on the bottle.

Whilst the first sip or two is enjoyable it’s enjoyment drops during the drinking and doesn’t leave you wanting for more.

An enjoyable lager with low calories meaning you can enjoy it with dinner and night of the week.

The beer itself is worth 6/10 , but the price compared to others means it loses a point.

Overall : 5/10

Thank you again to Good Stuff Drinks : www.goodstuffdrinks.com for gifting us this lager to try. [1]

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