Over 200,00 Visits in 2016 & The Top 25 Recipes

Over 200,00 Visits in 2016 & The Top 25 Recipes


When Mr Burble surprised me with the mydietburble.com site that he’d set up for me, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I started off by sharing recipes I’d made during C2 and C3 daily and sharing blogs of my experiences on the 90 Day SSS plan.   In 6 months the site has gone from nothing to having over 120 x C2 and C3 plan friendly recipes, and has had over 200,000 visits – we probably had lots more but we didn’t start counting visits until October 17th.

To see pictures of one of my recipes on Facebook or Instagram that I’ve been tagged in is a massive honour and to know that the Body Coach Support Heroes are recommending my site and of course The Body Coach himself has recommended it on a few occasions still blows me away!

Sometimes a recipe just comes to me and other times I’ve worked on a recipe over time to get to the finished dish.  You can never imagine how well a recipe is going to be received so here are the top 25 most popular recipes list in descending order, just click on the names to view the recipe.

25. Breakfast burrito with a twist.

24. Lemon and herb chicken with green beans and feta

23. Breakfast Sausage Bagel

22. Chilli chicken with broccoli rice

21. Dirty but lean burger with chunky lean fries, onions, peppers and broccoli

20. Not so sloppy but lean sloppy joes with salad greens

19. Tomato and aubergine pasta with chicken and broccoli

18. One pot chicken with creamy veggies

17. Quickie Beef Chilli 2.0

16. Bang bang thai burgers with new potato fries, broccoli and a spicy thai salsa

15. Chicks in blankets with salad greens and fresh tomatoes

14. Chinese style shredded pork with spiced broccoli rice

13. Sticky Asian balls with crispy kale

12. Spaghetti Bolognese

11. Chicken tikka pieces with plain rice, fresh tomatoes and an onion and spinach warm salad

10. Home style chicken kebab

9. Fiorentina low carb pizza with chicken dippers

8. Breakfast sausage patties with sweet chilli dipping sauce

7. Quickie Beef Chilli 1.0

6. Creamy mushroom and herb chicken pasta with broccoli

5. Chicken chilli kicker masala with cauliflower rice

4. Chicken, mushroom and tarragon soup

3. Pasta Chicken

2. Courgette lasagne with broccoli

1.  Cheesy egg wrap sausage rolls

Nella Foulds
Nella Foulds

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