Time to wrap about eggs

Time to wrap about eggs

As you progress through the 90 Day plan you may find rest days or reduced carb days a little restrictive or boring, but carbs don’t maketh a meal!  The rise of courgetti or zoodles and cauliflower/broccoli rice are evident as you can now easily get hold of these in the local supermarket, but they’re yet to discover the egg wrap phenomenon which is still under most people’s radar.

You can make an egg wrap from very little whole egg and egg white as this video demonstrates.  They’re quick to make and can be adapted to fit your recipe (herby or laced with chillies for the brave!).   I’ve successfully made an egg wrap using only 1 whole egg and 1 egg white in a pancake pan which is 22cm diameter for anyone worried about a meagre egg allowance on a rest day.



The humble egg wrap is an underused culinary marvel, check out the following recipes from The Lean Cook recipe app to try.


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Nella Foulds

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