Spicy prawn spaghetti with a fresh tomato & mushroom sauce

Spicy prawn spaghetti with a fresh tomato & mushroom sauce

Spaghetti again?  Yes please!  Just as well, I have a stockpile of the stuff thanks to my Italian mother!!!!  Pasta always gets bad press.  For one its a carb, but carbs are not to be feared if eaten when your body needs the fuel.  It’s relatively inexpensive and there are so many varieties.  What’s your favourite pasta shape?

Ingredients for 1 serving

360g raw king prawns
80g dried pasta
116g mushrooms, sliced
95g cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
6g olive oil
1 garlic clove, chopped or crushed
1 chilli, sliced, seeds or no seeds up to you!
23ml sweet chilli sauce
149g spinach
65ml boiling water
salt and pepper

(Example ingredient amounts given, adjust accordingly to your requirements)


  • Bring a pan of water to the boil and cook the spaghetti according to the manufacturers instructions.
  • By the time the pasta is cooked, so will the sauce!
  • Put a medium frying pan onto the heat, add the chopped mushrooms and a sprinkle of salt to release their natural juices.
  • After a couple of minutes add the fresh tomatoes, garlic and chilli.
  • Give the ingredients and good mix, throw in enough water to create a bit of a sauce, pop the lid on and bring to a rapid boil.
  • After a minute of boiling, take the lid off to help thicken the sauce, add the sweet chilli sauce, season to taste and give everything a good mix.
  • Then add the spinach and wilt it in the tomato sauce before adding the prawns.
  • Pop the lid back on for a couple of minutes to cook the prawns. They’re cooked when they’re pink.
  • When the spaghetti is cooked, add some cold water to the pan to stop it over cooking, drain it and add the spaghetti to the pan with the sauce and coat the sauce.

Get the lot on a plate and try and eat it slowly.


  • For anyone following older BC plans, king prawns have been used instead of chicken.
  • For this recipe, the dried pasta varieties I’ve used are Spaghetti and Rigatoni.
  • For those on 2018 BC plans, sweet chilli sauce is a swap for other side sauces provided you choose one with equivalent macros.
  • Traditionally in Italian cooking you would use the smallest pinch of sugar to take any acidity out of the tomatoes but for this recipe I am using the sweet chilli sauce to do that.
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