Spiced Red Cabbage

Spiced Red Cabbage
Spiced Red Cabbage

Spiced red cabbage is something I love to have as part of our Christmas feast. OK it would be easy to order a ready made version from the supermarket, but once you see how simple this really is to make, YOU WILL make this again and again like I do.

You can make this well in advance, freeze in batches and bring it out when you need to. It freezes really well and taste amazing!

Ingredients for 4-6 servings

1Red Cabbage
130gOnion, sliced
1 tbspOlive Oil
2 tspAll Spice
2 tspDijon Mustard
150 mlRed Wine Vinegar
50gCaster Sugar
100 mlWater
2 tbspJam – i used blueberry & redcurrant)


Large Sauce Pan with Lid


  • Place the sauce pan onto a medium heat and add the oil and onion.
  • Take a few minutes to soften the onion and shred the cabbage.
  • Add the shredded cabbage to the pan and stir into the onion.
  • Add the all spice to the pan along with the red wine vinegar, sugar and water.
  • Give the pan contents a good mix before popping the lid on to bring it to the boil.
  • When the pan is boiling, reduce the heat to a simmer and tilt the lid to let some of the steam escape.
  • Give the pan a stir after 15 minutes and leave it for a further 15 minutes being careful not to let the pan boil dry.
  • After 30 minutes the liquid will have thickened a little and the red cabbage cooked but still has a little bite.  Cook for a little longer if you prefer.
  • Stir through the mustard and jam and leave to cook for a final 5 minutes.


  • Feel free to use dried mustard if that’s what you have to hand.
  • I used a jam that I have in my fridge, but feel free to use a blackberry or redcurrant jam.  The jam lifts the flavour of the cabbage so the flavour of the jam isn’t a deal breaker, but i’ve never tried strawberry!
  • I like to make this in batches and freeze it.
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Nella Foulds

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