Side effects, this may not surprise you!

Today is C1d29 of my SSS 90 Day Program by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks and my very first blog post.

With every diet, eating plan, life style overhaul or what ever you want to call it you’ll experience side effects.  Now i’ve tried many diets over the years and recently I sat down and plotted my diet history spanning nearly 25 years!  So here are the main ones I’ve tried:-

Cambridge Diet, living on diet shakes, watery soups and snack bars made me think of food 24/7.  I even avoided watching cookery shows as it was like mental cruelty!  My ‘leader’ told me that one of her ladies had found a way of making ‘crisps’ using the soup mix and the microwave.  This drove my Mr insane, a nightly ritual of wanting a different texture to eat.  I lasted 8 weeks, but the weight loss I experienced didn’t last!

Slimming World, at the time I tried this it was Red and Green days with Syn values.  The problem was, tell someone who regularly overeats that they can eat as much of something and lose weight, and they’re gonna eat the envelope let alone push it!  Green days were my favourite, being Italian and following a diet where you can eat as much pasta as you want was a diet revelation!  Trouble is, I lost very little, learnt nothing about weight loss and went on to gain more weight.

Weight Watchers have over the years changed their plans, trying to incorporate the latest ‘science’ and at first I really bought in to the idea of a little of what you fancy approach.  At meetings I queued to weigh in, perused the latest snacks, purchased said snacks, weighed-in and left.  If you ate too many of the sugar free snacks they were the nicest tasting laxatives ever and the snack bars and biscuits always made me feel like reaching for another, not a good thing I feel.  I obsessively counted my point values but I soon noticed if I had a ‘naughty’ meal or birthday cake, my week would be ruined.  A diet that flies so close to the wind can destroy your self esteem and a weeks meal planning and counting soon led to no weight change.  After a time, I started to develop my own points system, named by my Mr as ‘Neffer Points’, I wasn’t as strict with weighing portions, add little flourishes here and there and soon enough I fell off the Weight Watchers wagon so much that I could no longer even see the wagon.

Atkins diet was genius, seemed so simple, eat meat, very little salad, you can have butter, cream……….the novelty soon wears off when you realise that without a slice of bread the butter is redundant, the cream is billy-no-mates without a strawberry and the constipation, don’t mention the constipation (reminds me of a Peter Kay joke he made in reference to Slimming World participants), I can’t poo!

Lean in 15 Red and Blue books, I bought these I think eight weeks ago. I was in a real predicament, I wanted to lose weight, I’d lost all faith in conventional diets and I was in a major food rut.  Having given birth to twins in 2015 I’d been lucky enough to lose my baby weight within eight weeks of their arrival. Trouble was, I was overweight before I had them!  My Mr had been on at me to pick something and get on with it (sounds a little brutal but we had this long talk about not wanting to be overweight after the children were born and wanting to pass on good food habits as they grew up).  So one day I looked up Joe Wicks, The Body Coach.  I’d seen him on Sunday Brunch a while ago, seen his Instagram food vids ‘MIDGET TREES!’ and a good friend sent me a pic of Joe in his under crackers where we discussed the merits of eye candy.  So I prep’d like a boss, started working out and really enjoyed what I was doing, I even started posting on Instagram several times a day to keep focus.  Meals, snacks and workouts.  I knew that I can falter  easily so this became something I did instinctively.  After 2 weeks or so my Mr suggested I sign up for the 90 Day SSS plan so I could benefit from the tailored plan.  I had some serious doubts, I even wrote to a 90 day SSS graduate on Instagram (CharlieRoofRoof) who’d had such amazing results following the plan since January 2016 i think.  So that was it, my dalliance with Lean in 15 got me serious about making the small changes I’d seen much greater and more importantly permanent.

90 Day SSS plan hit my inbox quite late at night, but my Mr and I were too curious to wait til morning and had a quick look.  There was lots to take in, I had some serious printing to do in the morning!  This was the first time I’d had something tailored to me so I became very focussed.  When we bought meat, I’d spend time chopping and weighing portions before it was frozen, I wasn’t sure my workouts were as effective as they could be.  In that I meant that I was following a YouTube video, but at times there were exercises that I struggled with because they put pressure on my hands and wrists (long boring story).  So with the help of my Mr we found something that I’ve been able to follow and fall in love with!  I now realise that I don’t need to eat carbs at every meal, and I eat carbs after I’ve worked out.  Clothes continue to be an issue, BUT whereas before it was a case of finding something that fit, a lot of my clothes have now been made redundant.  I’ve spend the weekend clearing out my wardrobe, trying stuff of that I put off wearing and finding that it’s a little loose!  Today I get to go shopping for things that fit my new shape, not too much mind you, I plan to lose much much more, and soon!

So a lesson to be learned, following the 90 Day SSS Plan WILL BE expensive, you’ll need a new wardrobe very soon.  Thank you Joe Wicks for helping me change x

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Nella Foulds

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