Round 3 – C1 Completed, an honest review

Round 3 – C1 Completed, an honest review

As many of you will know, this isn’t my 1st time on the 90 Day Plan, but this is the new and improved 90 Day plan. Having gone through the old plan (twice successfully) with its set recipes from the very 1st cycle, to the long workouts in the latter 2 cycles, the draw of the ‘New’ plan with pick and mix/create your own from cycle 1 to the promise of much shorter workouts in the latter 2 cycles was too hard to resist!

I’ve always made a point of being honest with what I’ve done and this round is no different.

So this is what I did this time round:-

The Food – I made no secret of not liking the set recipes in the old plan and I can say hand on heart that this is the 1st C1 that I’ve completed properly.  Previously I fudged my way around, even using the benefit of my past experience on the plan to make my own pick and mix list to continue to cook my own recipes.  But I’m delighted to say that with the exception of 2 meals (a crappy ham & egg salad from Greggs and a Nandos low carb lunch) every meal I’ve consumed has been made using my pick and mix/create your own list. I followed my plan friendly recipes that are in my recipe app and I’ve even come up with a few new ones!  I love to cook and the confines of the plans set recipes never suited me.  I’m to used to adapting normal everyday recipes to suit the pick and mix list, I’ve just been able to get on with it.

So that being said, I’ve not tried any of the set recipes because I like the clear rules provided with pick and mix/create your own.  If I want potato, then I wait for a post workout meal to have them, simples!  I’ve also not had any smoothies and I’ve not had anything that involves protein powder.  My children are 3 years old now and they want to try what mummy’s eating so it made sense to eat ‘normally’ while still remaining on plan.  The food I’ve cooked is made from fresh ingredients and wouldn’t look out of place on anyone’s plate.  I don’t see the point of eating things that I wouldn’t eat in ‘real life’ and I think the amount of protein I’ve been allocated is sufficient and supplementing with protein powder isn’t necessary.  This is the reason I don’t eat the ‘game changer’ plan approved protein bar, I wouldn’t eat it when not on the plan so why eat it now?

Hydration – Previously I’ve been poor at getting the water in, but this time around I adopted a new strategy.  For every 3 glasses of water I allowed myself a cup of tea, with 1% milk and no sugar.  This has worked really well for me and I have to say that I’ve been pretty good with the water drinking over the last few weeks.  I have on occasion had an almond milk latte instead of a regular latte too!  I’ve not had any diet drinks since the start of the year.  This wasn’t something I intentionally cut out, but I don’t feel the need to have them and instead I’m happy with a fizzy water.  Lets move onto the subject of alcohol.  I do like a G&T on a Friday and Saturday night, but I’ve decided to leave out the G while I’m following the plan.  It’s not such a hardship and I really want to make the best of this opportunity so why risk affecting my results just for the sake of a G&T at the weekend?

The Workouts –  Having gone through the old plan twice, I’ve been used to hitting the workouts hard but I’ve been on a mission to workout smarter, not harder and for longer and longer, so I decided to put together my own workout schedule based on what I’d be happy to do after the 90 days is up.  I keep seeing the phrase ‘Consistency is key’ but by the time I get to the end of the 90 days, my body aches, I’m getting over injuries and I end up taking an extended break from my workouts and find it hard to get back into the rhythm.  Three of my workouts are approx 40-45 minutes, this is approx. 30 mins of weights followed by a short session of HIIT 20sec on/40 off x 12 times that I complete on my cross trainer, it does the same job but without the impact on my joints. I’m 45 years old now and I’m afraid by body can’t cope with jumping around and I started to see changes to my shape after the 1st week.  The 4th session is a 30 minute LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio session on my cross trainer and I listen to a podcast.  At the end of this C1 I feel tired, but nothing isn’t so sore that a few rest days can’t sort out.

Supplements – I haven’t felt the need to change the supplements I take and I’m taking a multi-vitamin for the over 50’s which promises extra vitality so for the take of 4 years I don’t see why I should be missing out!  I also take Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

Results – I haven’t followed any kind of plan or program since last June and I have to admit I’m really pleased with my results.  I’ve lost 3.5kgs and 7 inches in 4 weeks.  You may not be wowed with these figures but when when I compare them with my results for the entire 2nd round of the 90 Day plan that I completed last May (2017) where I lost a total of 4.5kgs and 10.5 inches over 3 cycles, you’d see why I’d be pleased.

I still have my problem areas but I feel that I’m in control and am in the best position to continue with my progress long after the 90 days is up.


My workout Week 1 & 2

My workout Week 3 & 4

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