Pace To Race

Pace To Race

Run Faster, Run Longer, Get Stronger with Pace To Race

Don’t just calculate your pace, run at your pace with the first app of its kind to deliver a virtual pacer and trainer into your pocket and is even compatible with Strava & TrainAsONE.


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Run Faster – Use the virtual pacer to reach your goals.
Run Longer – Set the pacer to your perfect long distance speed to build endurance.
Get Stronger – Use the pacer to nail your custom generated training plans.

How does the pacer work ?

See Clear visual feedback.
Hear Audio updates at discrete intervals tell you where you are in relation to the pacer.
Feel Tactile feedback (vibrations) lets you feel a heart beat and dependent on where you in relation to the pacer the beat changes.
(All configurable to your preferences) and everyone gets a no signup, no obligation one week subscription when they try the app out.

Using our pacer technology you can push yourself to go faster in races or use it to pace yourself for all your training runs.

Overview :
• Free running – For when you just go for a run.
• Fully configurable, km/miles, distance frequency, feedback detail level – the list is endless and has all the options to tune it to how YOU like it.

Top Features :
• Compatible with Strava & TrainAsONE, share your runs to both!
• Free 0-5k Training program
• Start countdown
• Full run history with split, pace, elevation & distance including relation to pacer, all with detailed charts.

Avanti Premium Features :
• Full custom training plan generator that uses the pacer so you can run at the exact speeds the plan generates to get maximum effect, built in 5k-10k plan.
• Connect to your TrainAsONE account and follow the plans within the app, with the pacer!
Multiple Pacer Workout Modes
• Walking mode, choose from no goal, distance or time and pick a walking speed.
• Run/Jog/Walk – A simplified version of our interval pacer for those more interested in run/walk cycles.
• Run To Pace – Set the speed of the pacer (per km or per mile) and get either audio, visual or tactile feedback – or even all three as to where you are in relation to the pacer in your pocket.
• Race Pacer – set your race distance, the time you are aiming for and even if you want to be told when to sprint to the finish and just like the time pacer get feedback along the way.
• Tempo Pacer – Set the pacer for a tempo run doing different length segments at different speeds including warmup and cooldown periods.
• Interval Run – Push yourself harder than ever before as the pacer nails those intervals with repeat, pause, distance & time options.
Top Avanti Features 
• Motion start – Runs start once you are moving faster than your selected pace, perfect for race starts or just to give you time to get your phone in your pocket,
• Auto pause
• Sprint finish – in race modes be told when you are a set distance from the finish line.
• Weather – recording of the weather with each run so you can see how it affects performance.

It’s the perfect 80/20 training plan companion!

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Chris Foulds

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