Nutrition Tip – How to eat enough protein

Nutrition Tip – How to eat enough protein

Nutrition Tip – How to eat enough protein ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ—

When I give nutritional recommendations to a client I always recommend they prioritise protein. Protein is so important for overall health, muscle repair and retention and feelings of fullness when dieting, but in the UK we donโ€™t eat enough of it.

The amount of protein we need varies depending on our activity levels and body weight (the calorie and protein calculator on my website is a good place to start-link below) and you should look to include protein in all meals otherwise youโ€™re playing catch-up throughout the day.

You may think that Iโ€™m talking about eating piles and piles of meat but Iโ€™ve added some basic high protein foods to Lose It and you can see how many calories and grams of of protein this equates to.

Have eggs for breakfast, tuna at lunch, chicken at dinner and have the yogurt in a snack. These are simple foods to build meals around and itโ€™s up to you how you make up the rest of your days calories.

This may seem like basic advice but having seen many food diaries itโ€™s easy to start the day with toast and a coffee or tea, grab a pasta salad or soup for lunch and get to dinner having consumed very little protein. Do this on a regular basis and your immune system will be compromised and youโ€™ll lose muscle mass.

Letโ€™s work to getting the basics right to improve your general health.

Click here to view my calculator

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