My NSV, first of many I hope!

My NSV, first of many I hope!

Hi everyone, thought it was time I properly introduced myself.

I’m a 40 something year old mum of twin toddlers, married, 3 dogs and I’m currently C2D11. I’ve had weight issues for a LOOONG time, been wanting to lose weight after the children were born but never did well on conventional diets. I’d seen Jow Wicks’ mad instagram posts and a few TV appearances. His style of cooking appealed to me and I started following the books and posting all my meals and workout pics on instagram under the name MyDietBurble. Very soon I signed up to 90 Day SSS after seeking advice from plan grads and SAS members (Charlieroofroof once again thank you xxxx), and at the end of C1 I’d lost 7.7lbs and 11.5 inches.

C1 wasn’t all plain sailing, we had 4 family birthdays and on each I had cake! BUT I made sure I worked out before. I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the meal plan on C1, after a couple of weeks I started devising my own recipes, keeping the macros on plan and I’m delighted with what I’ve achieved.

When C2 arrived, I was delighted with the prospect of the pic n mix foods. I enjoy cooking and see it as a way to keep food interesting. In the past I’ve been guilty of repeating meals and getting bored quickly. Instagram has been my way of staying in the game, keeping focus and not straying, and with C2 I decided to start a facebook group and share my recipes with anyone who cared to read them, I have shared 29 recipes, rest day and training days, all plan friendly, and I’m sharing more every day.

Today I hit a major milestone, a NSV you might say and because of the hectic day I’ve had it’s not really sunk in yet, but today I bought 2 tops from Monsoon in a size 10, a top from M&S size 12, Skinny Jeans from Next size 16 and I’m bloody over the moon! I have never in my adult life bought a size 10 or a 12 anything and ‘skinny’ has never been part of my wardrobe. The smallest size I’ve bought previously was a size 18.

I’m not doing this to wear nice clothes, this is a pleasant side effect, I’m doing this so that I’m fit and healthy as my sons grow up. I’m thankful I stumbled across Joe Wicks and his plan. Its changed my life. I’m going to keep coming up with new recipe ideas and sharing them and if just 1 person makes one of my recipes then I’m over the moon. I’m not a professional cook, I love to cook, I always have, I just now know what I need to cook to feed this changing body.

So, I’m going to continue coming up with recipes, sharing them on my facebook group MyDietBurble, I’m going to keep posting to Instagram because I’m not finished yet. If you need some recipe ideas, then look me up and take a look.

Sorry for burbling…………

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