Muscle Chicken Burger with Prawns

Muscle Chicken Burger with Prawns

Burgers are great to make in advance and have to hand when you need something quick.  There are endless ways in which you can season a burger and there are no rules that state that a burger has to be made exclusively from beef OR that a chicken burger has to be covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried.

Ingredients for 1 serving

252g chicken breast
100g peeled raw king prawns
1 bagel
116g mushrooms
46g onions
6g olive oil
149g broccoli
1 tbsp Waldens Farm thick & spicy bbq sauce
salt and pepper

(Example ingredient amounts given, adjust accordingly to your requirements)


  • Take a food processor and blend the chicken breast until it’s roughly chopped.
  • Now slice up the mushrooms and onions ready for later.
  • Put your chicken breast mince into a bowl, season with salt and pepper before forming into burger patties.
  • Cut  the broccoli into florets and steam them until they are cooked to your liking and set them to one side.
  • In a frying pan dry fry the chicken breast burger and turn after 3 minutes.
  • Lightly toast the bagel and set aside.
  • Check the burger to see if it’s cooked (it will be firm to the touch when ready) and allow it to rest on a plate while you finish cooking the vegetables.
  • Add the olive oil, mushrooms and onion to the same pan and cook them for a few minutes to soften.
  • Add the prawns to the pan and when they have turned pink on both sides remove the pan from the heat.
  • It’s time to build your burgers!
  • Smear the bottom bagel slice with the bbq sauce, place the burger and some of the prawns on top before adding the options and mushrooms and finally the bagel lid.
  • Repeat until you’ve used all of your ingredients.
  • Serve with your steamed broccoli and any ingredients you couldn’t fit into your bagels.


  • For those on 2018 BC plans, Walden Farm sauces may still be used as they don’t contain any calories or add any nutritional value, just flavour.
  • For anyone following older BC plans, I have reduced the chicken amount to be able to add some prawns.
  • The thicker you make your burger pattie, the longer it will take to cook.
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