Month 1 results, an honest review

Month 1 results, an honest review

This isn’t the first blog that I’ve written with my progress, but it’s certainly the first where I’ve been the master of my own destiny instead of following someone elses instruction.  Studying with MNU has given me the confidence to put into practice what I’ve been learning so it was natural for me to become my very first weight loss client.  If I want to work with clients advising them on the best nutrition practices, it’s important that I follow my own advice isn’t it?

When I think back to 2016 when my husband first asked me to find a weight loss method I remember how I sat down to write my ‘burble’ – my wish list of how I’d like to lose weight and the main wish was to eat real food closely followed by not eating diet food.  Now that my children are 4 years old, it’s more important that we continue to eat as a family as we are entering the picky phase.

Before we get into it, let’s go back to 2018, and to say that it didn’t really go to plan is really an understatement.  Like many I started the year with the best of intentions.  I signed up to a new plan that I only managed to get 2/3rd of the way through and I had back problems pretty much from the start of January.  After submitting my results at the end of the 2nd cycle with absolutely no progress I decided to call it a day.  This was despite all of my efforts, all the food prep and the gruelling workouts.  I decided to focus on a maintenance program that I devised myself and my husband helped me with my workout program.  Little did I know that I was a few months away from a health scare which would result in me having a hysterectomy in October and finally back to good health.

Coming back to 2019 my body composition is very different.  I’ve not been able to workout for many months because of ill health and then surgery and I’m now a woman in her mid 40’s in medical menopause on HRT.

So let’s look at what I’ve been doing since the start of January 2019, but before you read on I want to point out that I have tailored my methods to suit my lifestyle.  When you work with a nutritionist they will be able to provide you with a plan which suits you.  There’s no one size fits all approach and what works for me may not necessarily work or suit you.


The Food:   As always I’ve posted my meals to Instagram and if you scroll through my posts I don’t think you can say that I’ve been eating diet food.  Far from it!  I’ve had regular meals and a good size too, but each meal meets a calorie target.  Now it would be remiss for me not to mention that I have been going back to lots of my old recipes from my own recipe app The Lean Cook and I’ve been using one of its brilliant features.  For any recipe I can enter a calorie target and the app adjusts the recipe for me.  Simple.  For any other meals I make which aren’t part of my app I use a calorie tracking app.

There’s never a good time to start a diet and January was quite a busy month for us as a family as it includes the children’s 4th birthday.  We also had a work event that saw us at The NEC for 2 days on an exhibition stand.  I have never missed out on my sons birthday cake and this year wasn’t going to be different especially as I baked a different birthday for each of my sons.  They maybe twins, but they are very different children with different tastes..  We fully enjoyed their birthday without jeopardising our results.

Our time at The NEC was really interesting.  Having visited various exhibitions on many themes, I have to admit that this time the food was probably the nicest we’ve had but having been on an exhibition stand before I was mindful not to take any snacks to eat throughout the day.  Because lunches didn’t have any nutritional information I didn’t have any crisps, I drank water and swapped my usual cappuccino to a filter coffee so that I wasn’t drinking my calories.

Throughout my weight loss journey I’ve tried to keep my food varied so that I’m not overcome by cravings.  I have to say that I have lost weight eating the most untrendy foods.  No avocado, no smoothie bowls, no coconut oil, no peanut butter, no protein pancakes and nothing I wouldn’t serve to my family.  In the past few weeks I have enjoyed an Indian takeaway, a kebab and chips as well as some good chocolate and G&T each night at the weekends.  It’s worth noting that I’m also cooking calorie portioned meals for my husband without any extra effort and he’s doing great too!

I’ve made no secret that I’ve been working to a calorie target and I don’t have breakfast.  I have a busy morning with twins and to be honest I’m not hungry in the morning so it’s not a problem to skip breakfast.  It’s not the most important meal of the day, my metabolism hasn’t stalled as my results will show and this isn’t the key to what I’ve achieved, it’s really only for convenience.

Hydration:  I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t guzzled litres of water each day.  Since my surgery I’ve noticed changes to my bladder which is down to it now sitting in a different position after my hysterectomy so I try to space out my fluids throughout the day and ease off in the evening (my bladder can go into overdrive during the night hours if I’m not careful!).

The Workouts:  I’m still recovering from my hysterectomy surgery and I’ve been having some issues with the wound not healing so a strenuous workout really isn’t on the cards for me at the moment.  Instead I’ve been doing steady cardio on my elliptical cross trainer.  4 times a week for only 30 minutes and working to a heart rate range provided to me by my husband.  To be honest, since the snow hit and I came down with a heavy cold I’ve not been able to workout but I don’t feel that lack of exercise has affected my results.

Supplements:  I’m taking an age appropriate multi-vitamin, a fish oil supplement and vitamin D.

Results:  I have lost 7.8 lbs & 24 cms / 9.5 inches since I first started on 2nd January 2019 and I have to admit that I’m absolutely delighted with how this first month has gone.

I’ve always strived to lose weight in a way that wouldn’t impact on my family life and this is probably the simplest I’ve found it.  I’m eating food that I would normally eat but calorie adjusted, I’m not spending hours in the kitchen prepping food (I made a point to make more use of frozen vegetables like ready chopped onion, peppers, mushrooms, green beans and spinach).

Because of my approach I’ve not found it difficult to eat out or to socialise.  It takes a little thought but I’m not having to agonise over menus looking for foods to fit in with very specific guidelines.

I would like to introduce more exercise into my week and when I’m confident that my body is able to withstand more activity then I’ll increase my activity.

They say that consistency is key to making any progress so I’ve gone about this in a way that seems natural to how I live.  There’s no point introducing foods or starting practices that I don’t enjoy.  If it’s second nature, then it’s a natural way to live and therefore no wagon to fall off of.

This is my way of doing this for me and if you were my weight loss client, what I’d recommend for you would most likely be different.

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