I hate the gym I can’t do burpees

I hate the gym I can’t do burpees

When it comes to exercise we sometimes fixate on the negatives – those moves we can’t do or don’t like doing and in turn that stops us from exercising and we miss out on all the amazing benefits exercise brings.

We’re all adults and no one is going to make you do a lap of the hall in your vest and pants because there are some exercises you dislike or would prefer to avoid, but the next time you’re looking to duck out of a workout FOCUS on what you DO LIKE and you’re more likely to exercise more often.

If one of your totally justified reasons for not going to the gym is a 40 minute round trip PLUS workout time, then consider what you can achieve at home with little or no equipment?  You don’t need gym membership to workout and I’ve done most of my workouts either in the kitchen or the garage (expensive gym membership was a waste of money for me, didn’t feel comfortable working out in the evening when the gym is mostly frequented by guys, but that’s just me).

BUT If like me your time is torn between little ones and work but early mornings are busy enough, then consider setting 20 minutes aside when they’re settled in bed at night.

You could practice some yoga, stretch out the stress of the day and reset your brain or perhaps you’d like to put together a series of moves using some resistance bands and start the evening with a little boost or just go for a walk and help to increase your daily step count.

A little extra activity every day could provide you with the calm you’ve been looking for, clear your head and work wonders for your self esteem!

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Nella Foulds

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