Grilled vegetable open sandwich with pastrami roll-ups

Grilled vegetable open sandwich with pastrami roll-ups

When I chargrill vegetables I make sure to have some leftover for another meal to save time.

This recipe is a mix of leftovers and fresh elements combining to make a quick and tasty lunch!

his is one of the many lean recipes that I’ve created where flavour and simplicity are key. There are hundreds of lean recipes in my app The Lean Cook with adjustable calories and macros.

Ingredients for 1 serving

60 g pastrami
50 g cream cheese, half fat
40 g spring onion, finely chopped
60 g aubergine
90 g courgette
60 g tomatoes, cut into wedges
5 g fresh basil
5 black olives
1 slice of bread
15 g extra virgin olive oil
2.5 sprays of oil
60 g rocket
salt and pepper


  • Put a griddle pan onto a high heat.
  • Thinly slice the aubergine and courgette.
  • Spritz the griddle pan with the spray oil before adding the courgette and aubergine slices.
  • Chargrill on both sides and remove from the pan when ready.
  • Place the bread onto the griddle pan and chargrill both sides and add to your plate.
  • Pop the tomatoes, olives, fresh basil leaves, spring onion and rocket into a salad bowl along with the olive oil.
  • Roughly chop the chargrilled aubergine and courgette slices and add them to the salad bowl with a little seasoning to taste.
  • Mix everything thoroughly before arranging it on top of the chargrilled bread.
  • Take 2 slices of pastrami and smear with some of the cream cheese before rolling. Repeat until all of your pastrami and cream cheese have been used up.
  • Top the bread & vegetables with the pastrami roll-ups and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

  • Feel free to use any deli meats of your choosing!
  • I like to use good bread like a sourdough as the bread is as much of a star in this recipe as the meats!
  • The aubergine and courgette can be oven roasted ahead of time if that’s more convenient.
  • The olives I use are dry black olives which still have their stones in.

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