Double Chocolate and blueberry gooey mug cake

Double Chocolate and blueberry gooey mug cake

You have to make this!  It’s a high protein version of a chocolate fondant (cake with a gooey centre).  A total game changer!  And what’s better is that it takes less than 5 minutes to make!

Ingredients for 1 serving

30g whey protein powder, chocolate flavour
1 tsp cocoa powder
2 pinches baking powder
60ml semi skimmed milk
40g blueberries

(Example ingredient amounts given, adjust accordingly to your requirements)


  • Take a mug and add the whey powder, cocoa and baking powder.
  • Thoroughly mix the powders together before adding the milk and whisk until you have a smooth batter.
  • Add 30g of blueberries and set aside the remaining blueberries for later.
  • Gently stir in the blueberries and pop the cup into your microwave.
  • The length of time you cook your mug cake depends on the power of your own microwave.
  • My microwave is 700w and I cooked this for a 50 seconds before checking and then cooking for a further 10 seconds.
  • Ideally you want the batter to be 3/4 cooked so that the cake texture is still spongey and that the bottom of the cake is still gooey giving you a lovely sauce.
  • Top your mug cake with the remaining blueberries and enjoy!


  • I use MyProtein Natural Chocolate flavour whey powder as it’s not too sweet.
  • You can make this recipe with milk alternatives.  Personally I’ve used semi skimmed milk and almond milk with very similar results.
  • I’ve given you the measurement for the baking powder in pinches as you don’t need much and too much will result in a tough texture.
  • I used Bournville Cocoa powder, but feel free to use cacao. Just don’t use sweetened drinking chocolate.
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