Corn chowder with pan fried cod

Corn chowder with pan fried cod

Chowder is no ordinary soup.  Instantly as you say the word there’s an air of mystery about it and you’re hooked.  If you make this recipe I can guarantee you a warm hug in a bowl with lovely succulent pieces of cod and charred corn with every other mouthful.

Ingredients for 2 servings

250g cod
3 ears of corn on the cob
300g new potatoes
1 onion, chopped
pinch chilli flakes
400g coconut milk
1 stock cube, vegetable
400ml water
5g coconut oil
5g olive oil
spray oil
1 garlic clove
5g coriander
salt and pepper

(Example ingredient amounts given, adjust accordingly to your requirements)


  • Pre-heat your oven to 190°C fan/400°F and line a baking sheet with non stick foil.
  • Cut the new potatoes into cubes before putting into a bowl with the olive oil and a little seasoning to taste.
  • Mix the potatoes thoroughly before pouring onto the baking sheet and baking until cooked through and crisp.  This should take 30-40 minutes depending on how large the cubes are.
  • When the potatoes are ready, remove them from the oven until needed.
  • Place a large frying pan onto a high heat, and when the pan is smoking hot add the ears of corn to the pan.
  • Using some kitchen tongs, carefully rotate the corn to char the sides.
  • When the corn has a good covering of charring, remove the corn from the pan and allow them to cool for a couple of minutes.
  • Take a large sauce pan and put it onto a medium heat with the coconut oil.
  • When the oil is warm add the chopped onion and garlic.
  • Take a few minutes to stir and soften the onions before adding the cooked potatoes.
  • Going back to the corn, take a sharp knife and carefully slice off the corn kernels and add them to the pot.
  • Take a few minutes to incorporate the potatoes and corn into the onion mixture before removing 1/4 of the mixture and setting aside for later.
  • Make the vegetable stock and have it on standby for the next step.
  • Add the coconut milk to the pan and let it simmer for a few minutes before adding the stock and giving the pan a good stir and remove the pan from the heat.
  • Now it’s time to blend the chowder.  You can ladle the ingredients into a food processor or you can use a stick blender directly in the pan as I did (being careful not to splash!).
  • When the chowder is smooth, put the pot back onto the hob on the lowest heat to keep it warm.  At this point if you feel the chowder is too thick, add a little boiling water to loosen it. Add 25ml of water at a time until you’re happy with the consistency.
  • Take a frying pan and spritz it with the spray oil.
  • When the pan is warm, add the cod and leave it for a couple of minutes.
  • Flip the cod and pan fry the second side until the cod is cooked to your liking then remove from the heat.
  • Take a good sized bowl and crumble half of the cod at the bottom before you ladle the chowder over the top.
  • Scatter the reserved potato and corn mix in the centre, top with the last of the cod before sprinkling over some dried chilli flakes and a little coriander.


  • I use regular coconut milk to enhance the flavour and give the chowder a luxurious texture.
  • If you don’t have corn on the cob, feel free to use tinned or even frozen sweetcorn and using a hot pan you will still be able to char the corn.
  • The cod I use is a frozen brand that can be cooked from frozen, but I follow the manufacturers defrosting instructions and cook once defrosted.
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Nella Foulds

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