Chocolate peanut butter and banana protein porridge oats

Chocolate peanut butter and banana protein porridge oats

At the time of making this recipe my husband is really into running and he’s really into porridge post run.

Having young children (stay with me on this) who love bananas and movie characters that adore banana we always have them to hand.

So imagine my children’s disgust (they’re not quite 3 years old yet!!) when they see daddy tucking into porridge with their banana in it!

Banana is the one food the children have yet to go off!

his is one of the many lean recipes that I’ve created where flavour and simplicity are key. There are hundreds of lean recipes in my app The Lean Cook with adjustable calories and macros.

Ingredients for 1 serving

50 g porridge oats
25 g whey protein powder, chocolate flavour
15 g peanut butter
1 banana
1 tsp cacoa powder
1 tsp cocoa nibs


  • Peel the banana and cut it in half.
  • Cut one half into slices and use a fork to mash the other half of the banana.  Set aside for later.
  • Pour the porridge oats into a small sauce pan and add enough water to cover the oats comfortably.
  • Pop the pan onto a medium heat and start stirring.
  • After a few minutes the water will come to boiling point and the oats will start to bubble.
  • At this point turn the heat down and keep stirring.
  • Cook out the porridge oats for a couple of minutes until they are lovely and thick.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and add the whey protein, peanut butter, cocoa powder and mashed banana.
  • Using a wooden spoon vigorously mix in everything until it’s been incorporated.
  • Transfer the porridge oats to your bowl. Arrange the sliced banana round the outer edge and sprinkle the cocoa nibs in the centre to add a lovely texture to the porridge.

Recipe Notes

  • I like to use jumbo oats, but regular porridge oats work great too.
  • I’ve also made this recipe using a vegan pea protein with really great results.
  • Don’t be tempted to use a high heat to speed up the cooking as you want the oats to release their sticky goodness.

Nella Foulds
Nella Foulds

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