Cheats Creamed Spinach

Cheats Creamed Spinach
Cheats Creamed Spinach

My cheats creamed spinach recipe is something that I’ve tweaked over the years.

I remember the first time I had creamed spinach. It was part of the celebration meal at Mortons, The Steakhouse in San Fransisco that my now husband and I enjoyed the night we got engaged on holiday.

Over the years I’ve developed this simpler recipe without the need of a roux and endless stirring.  It’s something I tend to have in the winter months with lots of freshly grated nutmeg and it’s lovely with sweet turkey meat!

Ingredients for 4-6 servings

500gSpinach (raw)
120gWhite Onion, cut into rings
300 mlCreme Fraiche (reduced fat)
1Whole Nutmeg
Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Large Frying Pan with lid
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Microplane Grater


  • Place a large frying pan onto the heat.
  • When warm, add the butter along with the onion and take a moment to coat the onion with the butter before covering with the lid and turning down the heat.
  • After a few minutes the onion will have softened so start to add handfuls of spinach to wilt.
  • A speedy way to wilt spinach is to pop the lid back on for a minute or so.
  • Repeat until all of the spinach has been wilted in the pan.
  • Add the creme fraiche to the pan and take a few minutes to incorporate it into the spinach and onion mix.
  • Turn the heat up so that the creme fraiche starts to bubble.
  • As the creme fraiche cooks, it will reduce and thicken.
  • When the sauce is thick and creamy, reduce the heat and add a little seasoning to taste.
  • Grate the nutmeg into the pan until you have grated at least half of the whole nutmeg into your spinach mix.
  • At this stage stir and taste the creamed spinach and feel free to add more seasoning or grate more nutmeg into the mixture.


  • The amount of creamed spinach I made would feed 4-6 people, but adjust the amount accordingly.
  • When you add your creamed spinach to your serving dish, add a little extra grated nutmeg as a garnish.
  • I recommend using raw spinach instead of frozen as once defrosted, the frozen spinach gives off a lot of water which can take some time to remove by squeezing the spinach in a tea towel – not to mention it’s messy!
  • I use reduced fat creme fraiche and not low fat.  The low fat variety will probably split and spoil your dish.

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Nella Foulds

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