Calorie tracking tips #No.1 – Getting started

Calorie tracking tips #No.1 – Getting started
If you’re new to calorie tracking, Welcome!  It’s not scary and calories are everywhere you look! At first the whole process can be daunting, so my recommendation is not to do too much at once.  As I’ve said before, the app I’m using for now is Lose it and there’s no need to upgrade for any premium features.
To start with, just spend a few days tracking things that you were going to eat anyway. This is a good way to see how you’ve been eating and the progress you’ve made PLUS this information will be a good indicator if you’re eating what you need to make progress.
Use the ‘My Day’ tab in the Lose it app when you have a few days worth of food tracked. Here you can see the number of calories you’ve consumed and protein. Remember, for fat loss, the MOST important areas to focus on are your calorie and protein targets.
If after a few days it’s evident that perhaps what you’re consuming is a little high in calories and perhaps low in protein, consider making small changes and I mean small. Perhaps drop a snack, increase your protein levels if you’ve been a little hungry lately etc.
Be honest with your tracking as this isn’t going to work if you forget to add the biscuit you had with your brew or the bag of crisps you had at lunch. There’s no reason you can’t have little things here and there, you just need to account for them.
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