A rest day apology to my one and only…….

A rest day apology to my one and only…….

So here’s the thing.  In recent weeks I’ve come to notice that a workout can do many things for me including:-

  1. Help fix my previously unloved body.
  2. Give me the energy I need to run after twin toddler sons.
  3. Motivate me to move more and get more things done (never happened before!!!)
  4. Help me out of the ‘funk’ a stressful day with the children may have put me in (oh and this happens a lot as you can imagine!).

The problem is, on rest days, the cure to my ‘funk’ clearing is 1 or 2 days away and my poor Mr has to deal with, well me being possibly a tad unreasonable.  It’s also rather unfortunate that I’m tortured by my hormones on a monthly basis and at times I can be guilty of a complete transformation into Mrs Hyde at the flick of a switch (our youngest son has inherited the ability of going from zero to pissed off in a matter of seconds for no apparent reason, who knew!!).

Today has been one of those days, yes both a stressful children day and hormone day and so when my C2 plan hit my inbox, my Mr in an attempt to help me with one of the numerous things I had on my ‘to do’ list kindly offered to print the plan for me and putting it in my folder (yes I have a folder with plastic pockets and dividers to put each cycle into).  Instead of thanking him I started ranting and as I heard myself yawping at him in my head I gave myself a funny look (geez what’s up with you???).  ‘FINE PRINT THE DAMN THING’ I declared and walked off to clean the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later I mosey into the hall like nothing had happened and notice him sitting on the floor tending to the printer ‘have we run out of paper?’ I say in normal tones.  ‘Nah, paper jam, what’s up with you missog?’ he says.  I then have to remind him about hormones that I have no control of, apologise and get on with the job in hand.  It doesn’t help that I’m one of these fiery Italian types as well!

So, I’m sorry my love, I’ll try harder next time.  Roll on Saturday morning, my next scheduled workout day!


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Nella Foulds

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