90 Day SSS Round 1 Results

90 Day SSS Round 1 Results

My stats over the plan and before pics :

and the after pic

Taken 1st November 2016 (Benjamin says Hi!)

Taken 1st November 2016 (Benjamin says Hi!)

Yesterday was results submission day.  On waking there’s a great big list of things to do to get all your ducks in a row.  Of course you want the results to be the best they can be, so out come the tape measure, the sad step, the other sad step that measures body fat, muscle and visceral fat and you’re under starters orders!  It feels like a race because you have all of this to get done, as well as the normal morning stuff like having a shower, getting dressed, oh and getting the twins changed, give them a bottle and hope they don’t get bored while you measure and weigh yourself and then take your final 3 pictures to upload to Body Coach HQ.

I never expected to get to the end of the 90 days as I’ve previously said, so to finally get to C3D32 (submissions day) for me was a real sense of achievement especially as I’ve never graduated from anything (hated school and the thought of staying in higher education filled me with dread).

A lot of work goes into getting your measurement and weight information together.  I’ve always taken my weight in stones and pounds, the website wants it in kgs and I’ve always taken my body measurements in cms, the website wants inches.  Then you have to record all that information somewhere, and lucky for me I have an app that I’ve used for years that records all that information for me and more, so I can go back and see exactly what I’ve weighed for several years, and I even have some rogue entries for when I dabbled with the Cambridge Diet (it was such miserable existence, please don’t try this at home).

So weights and measurements done, time to hit the shower and get underwear photo ready.  Still my twin boys are amusing themselves after having their bottle, Postman Pat is doing his best and I have to thank the Cbeebies team as they have my children in a trance at the best of times with their programming (I once sat behind Mr Tumble in a restaurant when he was doing Panto in Woking a couple of years ago!!!!  It was before I had the children, if I’d have known, I’d have asked for a selfie rather than the backie I actually got).

The progress pictures are quite interesting to take, you don’t think so at the time.  How I wished I wore better underwear for my very first ones, but it goes to show me the place I was in at the time, but with every set of progress pictures I can see the changes starting to happen, the underwear getting better and smaller, the expression on my face changing from emotionless to almost raising a smile at the end.

I’d seen transformation pictures in the Lean in 15 books and of course on The Body Coach’s Instagram feed and Facebook page.  It’s hard not to find someone who you feel was the same body shape/weight as you and compare, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect from my 90 round, if i made it to the end that is.  You always hear how hard it is to lose weight the older you get.  When you hit 40 you’re suddenly hit with your age at every turn.  Survey age categories take you to the higher age bracket, cosmetics companies now have miracle products to make your skin firmer to help reduce the signs of ageing (oh what I must have looked like aged 39 with no products to help keep my face together!) and of course if you’re having children after 40 as I did the NHS throw your age at you at every opportunity.  That being said, this for me has by far been the most positive, educational and awakening experience, in terms of weight and inch loss, training and learning how to eat again.  It goes to show what can be achieved if you give yourself to a program such as 90 Day SSS, and if you give it your all, it will deliver results.  I’m happy with my achievements so far, but this is only the beginning and I’ll be starting Round 2 as soon as I can get my graduation report and the new sign up forms completed.

My results so far:-

C1 – 11.6 inches lost and 7.7lbs

C2 – 6.5 inches lost and 7.5lbs

C3 – 5.5 inches lost and 5lbs

23.6 inches lost and 20.2 lbs in total, not bad for a 44 year old!

On 5th November 2015, I was 29.32lbs heavier, so it’s been quite the year!

I’m not confident enough yet to show you my progress pictures, but here are some pictures to give you an idea of my progress (one taken from the same holiday my website and group header picture was taken).


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