90 Day SSS Graduation, what happens after?

90 Day SSS Graduation, what happens after?

Monday 1st November officially was C3D32, but my mum’s been visiting so submitting results really wasn’t an option during the visit – enough of the questions mum!!  Going by our normal week, Monday for us is a reduced carb day and Tuesday was results day!!!!!

Anyone who’s started the plan will know that results submission day is busy.  First you have to weigh yourself. You’d think that would be simple, but we have 2 sad steps.  One records our weight, the other records fat levels, muscle and visceral fat changes.  It makes for interesting reading I’ll tell you.  Since starting 90 Day SSS my body fat has reduced by 6.41%, I’ve just got some work to do to shift more!!!!  Then out comes the tape measure.  You’d think you can save time by doing it the night before, but when I submitted C2 results we did measure the night before and on the morning, and the ones in the morning were less than the previous night.  You want to get your underwear pictures done before you have a cuppa or eat breakfast to give you the flattest tum, so it’s in the shower, hair washed and ironed and pictures all done and dusted before 7am for me.

On Tuesday we had to make a mad dash into town to get some jeans for us both.  We’ve been waiting for the plan to end to see ‘where we were’ so to speak and essentially we both have a wardrobe of clothes that are to big for us. That’s great, but have you tried clothes shopping with toddlers?  If they’re not in the mood they’re REALLY not in the mood!   Honestly it was a kicking and screaming affair, but as soon as the word lunch was uttered things began to change.  We took the boys for a slice of pizza (see my instagram post) and all was good in the world (for now). When we got back, the children were in the mood for a nap so I saw that as the perfect time to complete my C3 results submission.  My electricity provider decided right in the middle of it all to withdraw power to the village just after I’d written my testimonial and clicked NEXT.  When the power came back on and my computer had finished checking itself I went back to The Body Coach results page, the weights and measurements were there as were my photos but not my testimonial.  I managed to write a new version, it’s not as good as the original but I quickly hit SUBMIT before the power went again (it didn’t).  A massive sense of relief came over me and as well as utter exhaustion. Tuesdays are normally training nights but I just needed the night off.  Wednesday was a new day and very early I received my graduation report (not really taken the time to read it yet because I’m getting ready to start all over again) and later on I received a lovely email from my support hero.  I’ve already completed my sign-up forms and had my support hero reassigned to me (no offence to the new one, but I’m happy with mine and did ask if she’d look after me again on the 2nd round).

So what are we doing in terms of food and workouts while we’re in between rounds?  Well there are no foods that I’m craving.  When I’ve attempted to follow a diet in the past I never get to the end or achieve much before I decide to abandon the wagon because I’ve fancied a curry or fish and chips, but because the food we’ve been having has been varied, spicy and full of flavour (blowing my own trumpet there!) the only thing I really would like is a roast dinner cooked by someone else.  So we are booked to take the children to a carvery on Sunday, a roast dinner with pudding, no booze.  On a training day we’ve gone to 2 carb meals a day to help get a little energy back for the next C1 round.  Mr Burble is cooking on Saturday night, oven roasted Korean ‘fried’ chicken with a side of Charlie Binghams Mac ‘n’ cheese and a glass of wine.  It’s still a training night!!!  As for workouts, we’ve decided to get back on the T25 train and start a full round of Beta workouts which includes resistance training to keep up with what we achieved in C3.  We did a Beta workout last night and it was hard work but I really enjoyed it.

While I’m waiting for my new plan to arrive I do feel in limbo and I’m really keen to get started, but I’m still posting all meals and workouts to Instagram, to keep me honest mainly.  90 Day SSS takes over your life and it’s strange to be in between plans.  Nothing has changed really since ending the plan, I’m just not working to an end date at the moment, but it’s good to know that I’ll be C2 for most of December and early January!

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