90 Day SSS – Anyone for round 2?

90 Day SSS – Anyone for round 2?

Round 2

90 Day SSS takes over your life if you let it, but it can also change your life.  When I first stood in front of the mirror to take my ‘before’ picture I didn’t think I would make it past cycle 1, but I’ve surprised myself and Mr Burble by making every workout, not getting injured and sticking with the program.  When I got halfway through cycle 2 I was sure I would finish my 90 days and somehow muddle along afterwords dare I say it by ‘sticking to the plan principles’.  But now that I’m part way through Cycle 3 I’m not sure that’s the best move for me.  I could sign up to another program or I could give the SAS plan a go, but I don’t think I’m ready to move away from something that is pretty simple to follow both in terms of the food and workouts, especially as it seems to work for me.

Before I started this program I was one of those people who clearly didn’t do very well at the dieting game.  I had plenty of motivation to lose weight, I thought my head was in the right place, but it became a deprivation game and I don’t react well to being told I can’t have something – just ask Mr Burble.  A switch is flicked in my brain and that ‘something’ suddenly becomes the one thing I ‘MUST’ have!  Before I know it I’ve sabotaged my weeks efforts, given in to that craving and had a full-on diet meltdown.  But not this time, perhaps I’m all grown up at last?

My long suffering Mr Burble has had to put up with years of my moaning about being unhappy with my weight and body hang-ups, and in the politest terms suggested I find something and get on with it.  Well I did find something, I am getting on with it and I’m delighted with the results so far.  I’ve made the decision to stick with Mr Joe Wicks and sign up for 90 Day SSS, round 2.  Oh and the great thing I’ve worked out, is that I should be on C2 for Christmas!!!!

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Nella Foulds

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