8 lbs loss in 7 weeks

8 lbs loss in 7 weeks

UPDATE 18th December’19.  Today was always going to be my last weigh-in before the holidays and to my surprise I’m down another 1.5 lbs, making my total weight loss in 8 weeks 9.5 lbs.

I’m no stranger to writing a blog about my weight loss journey and a lot has happened since my last progress blog.  My twin boys started school in September and I had this idea that my life at this point would be a little different to how it is.  Most days I forget that in 4 years my body has been through a high risk twin pregnancy and hysterectomy.  I feel like I’ve spent the last 2 years off the grid in terms of furthering my progress because of my health issues, but on a positive note  I did qualify as a MNU Certified Nutritionist in June this year!

I’ve been able to keep things ‘in check’ with thanks to my nutrition qualification; eating a well balanced diet full whole foods to help with my recovery, but exercise remained too uncomfortable to entertain.  I also launched my nutrition business this year, and as well as working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis. I recently launched my online group coaching program.  Putting this program together gave me the kick up the backside I needed to get back on the road to the “me” I want to be – fit, healthy and an example to my growing sons.

The plan I share in my online group is simple.  YOU have control over what you eat and what you choose not to eat right now.  Nothing is excluded.  Nothing is forbidden and there are no magic rules to hide that what the plans intentions are, which is to put you on an energy deficit.  Calories do matter and understanding what and how much I’m eating is key to my progress and success.  Like most people we’ve had quite a few social events with the holiday season approaching and that hasn’t hampered my results or the progress I’ve made which is really motivating.  I teach my group how to enjoy social events without blowing their progress with strategies that give them full control.

A couple of years ago I was following a fitness plan and I happened to be out with the family on a Saturday afternoon.  Lunch time was approaching and I couldn’t find anything that ‘fit’ the plans strict rules.  It made me feel really anxious, excluded me from eating a simple lunch out with my family and as a result I ended up eating a crappy salad that didn’t fit my plan.  The salad wasn’t something I would have chosen but I felt pressured to make the choice.  This one meal totally went against what I wanted from my weight loss journey which was to eat foods I enjoy with my family while I lost weight.  From that moment on, I decided to stop following silly plans that didn’t allow me to eat regular foods with my family.

I used to blog the foods that I was eating during my weight loss periods on Instagram, but this time I’ve decided not to do that.  This isn’t because I’m hiding something, or trying to withhold ‘the magic’ to my success to entice you to join my program.  Far from it.  I’m simply eating foods that I enjoy and in the right amount for me, regardless of whether I exercise or not.

I’m not excluding any food groups, I’ve started exercising but I’ve not managed to exercise as much as I would have like to, but none the less I’m making progress.  I don’t want what or how much I’m eating to influence what someone else on my program is thinking of having, but that’s not stopping me from coming up with new recipes and sharing them as I always have done.

I started on 22nd October and in that time, the scales say that I have lost 8 lbs in 7 weeks and while the scales are one way of measuring my progress, I use body measurements, progress pictures and items of clothing to help with see how I’m progressing.

My jeans feel much more comfortable, I’ve noticed my waist is starting to re-appear, my thighs seem to have less bulk to them and I’ve dropped a dress size at Zara (jumps for joy!!).

Since my surgery last year, my mum-tum has taken the brunt of my body changes and even this seems considerably smaller and that’s really important to me.  It’s also been the area of most discomfort since my surgery (they tried keyhole through my navel and gave in before heading to my c-section scar to try that entry point).  I’m feeling so good that I’m loving clothes shopping again and Zara is now a new-found pleasure!

I’m now 47 years old.  My body is very different to how it was after I had my children in 2015, mostly in that I’m now in a medical menopause taking HRT medication.  Menopause is everywhere, and I’m surprised to be on-trend right now, and there are so many of us in with a toe in the menopause pool, and there are lots of thoughts about weight loss and menopause, so let me share some on my experiences with you by doing a quick Q & A session:-

Q. Is my menopause preventing me from losing weight?

A. No, I’m not finding it any harder to lose weight than when I lost weight before, but the simplicity is in the method I’m using.

Q. Did I gain masses of weight after I started HRT?

A. No, I ate well and by that I mean a balanced plate of lean proteins, vegetables, wholegrain, dairy, fruit………you know, all the things we’re told to eat.

Q. Do I feel like I’m dieting?

A. No.  I’m eating meals I enjoy and I exercise control in having the right amount of food for me to lose weight and for my body to perform its usual functions.

Q. Have I cut out carbs, like bread, pasta, rice etc?

A. No, I eat carbs every day, but I choose wholegrain varieties and I have a measured portion.

Q. Am I eating diet or low fat foods?

A. I don’t eat diet foods because they are altered to taste good but I have used some cheese which is 30% less fat than its regular variety, but it’s also higher in protein so I’m happy with that choice.

I’m happy to admit that I have chosen not to drink any alcohol at the moment.  I’m not a big drinker and sometimes one G&T leads to another and sometimes to snacks, so this is my choice right now.

I’m dieting at a time of year where there are lots of treats around, namely the run-up to Christmas.  Last Christmas (I feel a song coming on!) I was still recovering from surgery and had to wear stretchy trousers because of my painful tummy area.

This year I want my red lacy dress to feel amazing.  I last wore it on Christmas Day 2016, so it’s about time I dusted it off!  Here’s a side by side picture that shows me weeks away from having my boys (December 2014) and that dress in December 2016.

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