26th July 2016 – The day i got the kick up the backside i needed!

26th July 2016 – The day i got the kick up the backside i needed!

Let me apologise in advance, this may go on a bit, but hopefully will give you an insight into how I started all this, it may help you, it may not, but writing it down helps with my focus.

The source of someone’s motivation baffles me.

I’ve wanted to lose weight for YEARS, but diets are so hard to stick to let alone follow.  For me, a real breakthrough happened when I was expecting my twin sons.  I’d taken preventative measures which for me was drastic.  When Mr Burble and I decided to start trying for a family I wanted to overhaul my eating, what I ate and the amount. Dieting hadn’t previously worked, so I decided to take a very different approach and went to see a hypnotherapist.  In the ‘burble’ household we referred to him as hypnotoad.  He asked lots of questions, I vocalised my food hang-ups (which spoken out loud sounded ridiculous) and over a period of 6 weeks he worked his magic on me, but if I’m honest during the hypnosis part of the session it was very hard not to laugh at the silly voice he put on and the inflection he used.

I found out that I had twins on the way and was very wary of eating for 2 let alone 3.  But something strange was happening inside my head.  During my pregnancy I craved fruit and vegetables, I ditched diet pop, reduced caffeine and took my pregnancy supplements religiously.  I wanted to give my babies the best possible start in life inside out.  It was hard at times, the only thing I really missed was a dippy egg on toast.  NHS guidelines warn you off so many lovely foods which is ultimately for the good of your baby/babies, but I stuck to my guns and stepped away from the runny yolk!

The onset of morning sickness 5 months in really kept me on the straight and narrow and the day before my babies were born I stepped on the sad step.  I’d put on 27lbs.  It was a bit of a shock at first, but there were 2 of them in there.  To my surprise, those 27lbs disappeared with no effort within 3 months.   Like so many celeb mums before me I pinged back to my original shape.  It’s just a shame I was so fat before hand!  Life since the twins were born has been hard, busy, hectic and I still hadn’t addressed my weight issues.  When I was pregnant I made a promise that I’d look after my body if it produced 2 healthy beautiful babies.  It did exactly that and I had yet to meet my end of the bargain.

Mr Burble was losing patience with me as well and rightly so.  I couldn’t decide how I wanted to lose weigh, I knew that I didn’t want to be a fat mum, I wanted to set a good example to my children.  One thing I knew was conventional dieting wasn’t for me.  I didn’t like the synthetic foods they push and I’d been eating ‘normal’ whole foods including butter since before my pregnancy.  I also knew that I didn’t have time to join a gym – babies keep me really busy, especially now they are toddlers.  I really wanted to do my own thing and to be fair we weren’t gaining weight.  If anything since the children were born and my adventures with hypnotoad, my weight had never been so steady, but I really wanted the sad step numbers to get smaller.   I was also stuck in a food rut.  I’d lost interest in food because I couldn’t figure out what needed to change in order for me to start losing weight.

With Mr Burbles words ringing in my ear ‘just pick something’ i remember I was doing a spot of shopping on Amazon.  Up came some book suggestions, and there was a certain Joe Wicks giving a cheeky grin on his 2 books (book 2 was due out the following day).  I remembered seeing him on Sunday Brunch, I followed him on Instagram  shouting ‘MIDGET TREES’  out of a window and loved the idea of quick recipes, quick workouts so I hit add to basket on both books and decision made.  The following day the package arrived and Mr Burble was curious to see what I ordered.  He says he was a little shocked.  I explained that I liked the recipes and the principles of hiit workouts.

So on 28th June I started my Lean in 15 Journey (J-word), to keep my focus I posted every meal I ate, including the naughty ones (my need to stay honest) and details of my workouts on Instagram.  Followers and comments were a lovely bonus and boosted my morale.  On the morning of 25th July I woke up to the usual alarm on my phone, scrolled through my notifications and saw ‘thebodycoach liked your picture’.  WHAT?????  I’m not too good in the morning so had to get confirmation from Mr Burble, and I started my day with a gold star from the teacher.   The irony was, that day was my mother in laws birthday, we already planned to do our hiit session before we left for her birthday afternoon tea, and the cake was going to be our carb refuel (not quite on plan but life goes on!).

On 26th July, not sure I still believe it, but I had another notification ‘thebodycoach started following you’ WTF?!?!?!?!  Blimey, even though I hashtag all my posts thebodycoach, i never thought for a moment I’d get a follow.  Could I really give this a proper go?  I’ve seen the transformation pics, with some work could I be one of them?   I started looking into the 90 Day SSS plan, this seemed a step up from what I was doing.  Mr Burble was sure my portion sizes weren’t right, the books do say play with the recipes to work out your levels, but I just kept to the recipe and didn’t see much change.  I started following some 90 Day SSS graduates and wondered if this is something I had time to do.  I needed some advice and decided to contact one of the graduates I follow, so late one night I sent a garbled message to charlieroofroof through Instagram.  I’d been following her progress for a while and was wowed with the changes she made and her continued progress.  Joe’s follow and charlie’s advice was all I needed to sign up and do this properly so that my before and after pics could show an amazing transformation, or the start of it lets be honest.

On 16th August 2016 I submitted my C1 results, 7.7lbs gone along with 11.5 inches.  I’m not Joe Wicks’ agent or his marketing manager but this guys plan has changed me.  I’ve not missed a single workout and I love the feeling a workout gives me (can’t get over that one!).   If there’s been a birthday and there have been several including my own, we’ve always done a workout and treated a slice of birthday cake as my carb refuel.  I’ve had next to no alcohol since signing up.  It’s only 90 days, do it, make changes and get on with life (that’s a phrase Mr Burble likes to use).

I’m in no doubt the 90 Day SSS Plan is just the beginning for me, but I’m proud I’ve started and stuck with it.  And lets be honest, the food’s lovely and what’s so bad about watching Joe Wicks to a workout without a shirt on (sorry dear).

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