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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘You can’t out train a bad diet’ and more of us are trying to lose fat, getting lean and healthy, smashing the HIIT workouts, doing crazy cardio sessions and hitting the weights room at the gym. But there’s no point spending hours working out if you are not fuelling your bodies needs to give it what it needs to get those results you’re after.

‘The Lean Cook’ is a brand new recipe app featuring over 300 recipes from Nella Foulds / mydietburble / The Lean Cook to create an interactive cook book full of lean & tasty recipes.

However the problem with cook books is the recipes are not tailored for you, not anymore ! Our app comes with the unique ability that you can actually alter the amounts in the recipes so they meet your individual requirements, so no more guessing how much of a recipe you can eat!

This combined with the apps ability to automatically generate intelligent shopping lists that produce totals for each ingredient you need means you can stop worrying about the food and concentrate on your goals.

Top Features are :-
– Macro nutrients and calorie information for each recipe.
– Easy to search recipe categories.
– Search recipes by name or ingredients to make use of things you have at home.
– Easy to follow recipe methods that you can cross off as you go along.
– Videos showing you how to make key parts of some recipes.
– Save your favourite recipes.
– Add personal items to the shopping list.
– Increase the number of servings simply by hitting – or +
– Add nutritional information to Apple Health/Google Fit at the touch of a button to quickly track your day.

Optional additional features for subscribers:-

NEW In Version 2.2.0 coming out August 9th – Auto adjust recipes. Simply type in the calories you are after and the app adjusts the ingredients to meet your calorie goal!!
– Adjust the ingredient amounts and get new calories and macros for that recipe so that you can hit your targets without having to enter details into a 3rd party app.
– Add recipes to the shopping list and see items by recipe or ingredient totals to make your grocery shopping a breeze!

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at all the recipes available in the app.